cathedral hill fireBefore fire fighters arrived on scene, AVPSN members were alerted to this fire on Cathedral Hill via their radio network.


This is a house burglary in 95120 where a gang of 4 sucessfully  stole jewelry, laptop, cameras, etc.  Something to consider before buying a glass panel door.


2018 12 29 housefire web
This fire occurred in the Almaden Mockingbird neighborhood in December 2018.  The fire started in the garage. No occupents were hurt; however, two brave firefighters were hurt.

November 27,2019


From my second story window, I saw this person approach my house and heard him knock on my door. I didn't answer because I was afraid it would turn into a home invasion which is very dangerous. The suspect then drove around the corner and came back to my house and jumped my 8 foot side fence and came into my backyard. I called 911.

San Jose Police came and cleared my house. He was gone before they arrived! He never broke into my house. San Jose Police said the car was used in other burglaries in our area and it's possibly stolen. It is a black Toyota Corolla with paper license plate and a dog bone sticker on the rear bumper.

I used AVPSN to alert Almaden Valley residents of this incident. A lot of advice was given on being safe and the radio network helped me by having our neighbors looking out for the stolen vehicle and the suspect.




Yes, we have mountain lions in Almaden Valley.
Be vigilant ! 

mountain lion warning