Be Prepared for Flood

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95120 Flood Map

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Do you live in a potential flood Zone?

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ready sm2This website explains what actions to take when you receive a flood watch or warning alert from the National Weather Service for your local area and what to do before, during and after the flood.  Click HERE


Extremely Important Tips:

  1. If you live in a potential dam inundation flood zone, then plan your evacuation route now!  Make sure your route doesn't cross any bridges.

  2. Make sure you have a Go-Bag ready to go for each member of the family. See Go-Bag checklist HERE.

ALERT Reservoir Gage Information

reservoir status

Click HERE for up-to-the minute local reservoir status


sandback location

Sandbag Sites HERE

The Santa Clara Valley water district's sandbag sites are open from late Novermber through April. Sites may be stocked with filled sandbags based on availability; at minmum, sites are stocked with sand and empty bags for self-filling.


Dam Inundation Risk

Only a failure of the Almaden Reservoir dam is a potential risk for Amaden residents.
The water flood paths of the other Santa Clara County dams do not reach into 95120


 Almaden Reservoir is one of Santa Clara County's six original reservoirs, built in 1935, and is one of 10 current reservoirs operated by the Santa Clara Valley Water District. Able to store 1,590 acre feet of water, the reservoir is located 5 miles south of 95120, produces about 4% of the district's local water supply and also provides water for goundwater recharge.

its accompanying earth fill dam stands 110 feet tall with a crest of about 500 feet. Subject to safety regulations by the State, Almaden Reservoir is currently considered a high hazard dam due to the number of people who live in its potential downstream flood zone and the extensive amount of damage that a flood could cause in case of a dam breach.

The water district has been studying safety upgrades since 2000.

Amaden Reservoir is restricted to 93% of capacity due to seismic satability concerns. The current reservoir level can be found HERE.

almaden res color 

 This is a dam inundation (failure) map for the Almaden Reservoir.  It was published in 1973 so many current day roads and developments do not show on the map.

The 0+40 MIN marker means it is estimated that it would take 40 minutes for the flood wall to reach Bret Harte Jr. High.

The INUNDATION BOUNDARY indicates the expected flood area.


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 Almaden Dam Inundation Map1973 web color r2





 UPDATE 2020

 Much of the data above is from the Santa Clara Water District which is out of date. First Street Foundation has created a new meithodolgy and tool called Flood Factor to estimate future flood risk. On the website you can enter your address and view your flood risk factor.  Click here to see a webpage with a map just for 95120. Be sure to scroll down to the Flood Factors across 95120 to see a map like the one below and use the + key to zoom around the map.

 floodfactor 1024web