Important Phone Numbers960Download printable flyer here

Tip #1:

To report a fire in San Jose dial the direct number to fire dispatch for fast response:  408-277-8991


Tip #2:

For those times when you are not in the city of  San Jose, dialing 911 to report an emergency in San Jose may delay the response to your emergency because it will take time for the local 911 call center to figure out what call center to forward your call to and may not get it right the first time. For this reason, it is recommened that you put the direct line to San Jose 911 in your mobile phone.  The same advice applies to the non-emergency direct line.

Since an emergency is not the time to be seaching around for the place where you filed the numbers it is recommended that you enter the numbers in your contacts so that they are the first numbers that appear when you open your contact app.

911contact 1

911contact 2

Create new contact as shown above

The emergency numbers now show at the top of the contacts list for fast retrieval.

Note that on this contract list there is an entry for San Francisco's 911 direct line.  If you have relatives or friends out of the San Jose area and you have reason to believe they are involved in an emergency it could be life saving to have the direct line to report the emergency. 


Download printable version here