prepare a go bag

What is a Go-Bag?

A Go-Bag is a light weight backpack containing necessary personal needs and important documentation to sustain an individual for a short term evacuation from home or office.

Why do I need a Go-Bag?

A police officer or fireman knocks on your door late at night demanding that you evacuate your house and area immediately. This could be due to a nearby barricade situation where you might be in the line of gun fire.  Or it could be because there is a possibility of flooding or there maybe a release of dangerous gas. Fire is another common reason for emergency evacuation.  An appropriately provisioned Go-Bag will be invaluable during these stressful stituations.

Guidelines for Preparing a Go-Bag

  1. Pack a separate Go-Bag for each member of the household including pets.
  2. Select a light weight backpack style Go-Bag to keep your hands free during evacuation.
  3. Do not over load your Go-Bag.  Ideal weight for an adult is 15 - 20 lbs and children not more than 20% of their weight. Pack only items that are necessary for short term evacuation scenarios.
  4. Put a tag with name, phone number, and address on each bag.
  5. Keep the Go-Bag in a easily accessible location.  For example, hang it on the bed post, put it in the coat closet near the door, or keep it in your car.
  6. Set up a schedule to update your Go-Bag every 6 months. Replace items that will expire in the next 6 months such as medications, water, batteries, food, etc.
  7. Pack clothes, documents, electronics, leakable toiletries, etc. in waterproof plastic bags.

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