Why Does California Have Rolling Power Outages?

The California government has mismanaged the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy and as usual our government representatives are pointing figures rather than taking responsibility.

In the rush to create a fossil fuel independent state, maintenance of gas-fired plants has been neglected and hydroelectric sources reduced. As a result, during high power usage when solar and wind generation fade there is not enough reserve power sources to keep the lights on. Hence, the need for rolling power outages.


Tips and Resources for Dealing with Rolling Power Outages

While the California Public Utilities Commistion (PUC) and the California governor and elected representitives to the California legistature are ultimately responsible for the rolling power outages, an indepentant organization called the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) has the job of monitoring the power usage status and directing the rolling power outages. Unlike the PUC PG&E,  CAISO is very transparant and provides the following real time status webpage.

Here's the link:   http://www.caiso.com/TodaysOutlook/Pages/default.aspx

During a threat of a rolling power outage monitor this page to see exactly the current power status. If you see the current demand approaching the available capacity, then it's time to fill your ice chest and turn off your computers. Here's an example:


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For shutoff schedule click here

To find your Rolling Outage Block Number click here